Why I’m not afraid to do mistakes?

It’s 11 month since I’ve price of levitra started to write english articles. Moreover, I also do video-lessons, seminars and cialis uk different videos in English. That’s

why I recieve a lot of messages like “Great job! Aren’t you afraid to do that? English is not your mother language! What if you make a mistake? What if on your lesson you will say something wrong?” Or “Why do you do it? Your English is not perfect!”

Really, why? Why people afraid to make a mistake? What will happen if you do something wrong? Hey! Nothing fatal can happen!

Why I’m saying like this? What I think about people who make mistakes? I give all answers in this short video!


Don’t be afraid to make a mistake! When you talk, when you dress, at work, in relations! The most important is to get experience from everything you do. And it’s doesn’t matter, did you do it right or wrong at that moment.

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