My personal style

You want always look amazing and have no time for stylist? With this course it’s easy as 1-2-3! With 5 lessons you will learn how to choose colors, combine it, choose model of dress, make wardrobe revision and shopping right!

We will talk about:

1. Your color type – which colors you should wear and how to combine them.

2. Your face and body type – which clothing and accessories fit you the most.

3. Your personal style – which details in your look will highlight personality

4. Wardrobe revision – technology and practice.

5. Shopping with no pain! (technology and practice).

Prise: 200 $(182 Euro)/person (5 lessons, 2 weeks).

We work in small groups (3-4 persons). Please, contact us to know when next group start to work.

Personal lessons on-line: 170 $/155 Euro

Please, contact us to book  suitable time for personal lessons.



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