One more wedding outfit…

Sometimes it happens, an unexpected phone call with a question: “Will you come this Saturday on my wedding (Birthday, presentation, opening of shop – choose what you like)?” And Saturday is tomorrow or after tomorrow! You just staying and trying to remember what do you have in wardrobe and what you can wear…

And sometimes you don’t have time to buy something new. Then many women start to panic! What to wear? What hairstyle to do? Which jewelry to choose?

It happened to me… That evening was hot and I wanted to wear something light, a little bit festive and without radiance and brilliance. To tell the truth I don’t like very shining dresses. Such clothing automatically become disposable, because it’s mostly impossible to wear it with different accessories and hard to combine with other things. That’s why it is a very bad investment. Such a “diamond” looks are easy to remember. Does anybody want to look the same on every party? That’s why my wardrobe consists from simple clothing with a world of jewerly, bags, scarves and shoes.

So I decided to combine summer skirt with floral print, monochromic blouse and add some shining but not huge jewelry. My target was to create light and delicate image.

I choosed:

– summer skirt from ukrainian brand Jhiva

– blouse from summer collection H&M

– Ferotti pumps

– bag with no name, as I bought it long time ago and don’t remember where 🙂

– jewelry set with cristals from So Chic

Unfortunately, I was so in hurry and forgot to take my camera. But my phone is always with me 😉

My outfit

H&M blouse

How to understand what

better to choose: necklace or nothing? I know it’s very common question for women. I suggest you to remember the rule: if blouse has any decor in upper part (embroidery, lace, draping), so there is no need for extra adornment. That’s why I didn’t use necklace in this outfit and choosed earrings and ring.


First, my make-up and hairstyle was like that:


In the evening I decided to make my hair up, to feel not so hot and to make an accent on face and lace on blouse.

Do you have secrets of creating “fast party look”?

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