How to wear leggings right?

 Leggings, leggings, leggings… There are so many kinds in shops! Girls, after they saw some fashionable outfits leggings, try to create stylish look by themselves… Do they do it right?

One of the main mistakes starts in definitions of leggings. In fact, it’s trousers without pockets made of elastic fabric. Leggings are in the middle between trousers and tights. But you can’t wear it by itself.

What are the biggest mistakes in wearing leggings? Let’s figure it out.

First, I would like to mention, for girls older than 12 years it’s a bad idea to wear leggings with short tops. Short upper part, sneakers and leggings can be worn only in gym.

leggings for gym

mistakes leggins

Sometimes, what I see on the streets really shocks me. It seems girls don’t have mirror at home and can’t adequately assess their outfit. For sure, leggings, as second skin, are very comfortable to wear. However, often it doesn’t look esthetic.

sexy leggings


Second, leggings made of thin cotton or low quality synthetics become transparent on buttocks and hips. It makes people think that you wearing tights and forgot about skirt.


Leggins are very insidious! Sometimes it accentuate attention on the most piquant places! Did you ever heard about “сamel toe”? You should avoid it! And not only in leggings, but also wearing bikini, trousers and shorts.

camel toe

Keep in mind your body type. You should know your singularities. Every day I meet girls with magnificent forms, which could look perfect in trousers from thick fabriks or skirt, but they choose leggins. And it doesn’t look good.

wear leggings wrong

Especially you should be very careful with latex and imitated leather leggings if you have cellulite. It’s the shortest way from elegance to vulgarity! If you know your skin is not perfect, wear tights under your leggings. It is flatten the surface.

Women of elegant age 45+ should forget about thin translucent leggings and leggings with vivid print. It looks ridiculous! In fact, bright colors and patterns can look good only on girls younger than 22 years.

Don’t wear leggings with very wide and shapeless top. It makes you look huge. For your favorite tunic you can make accent on waist using belt. It helps to hide belly and to outline the body shape.

How to wear leggings right?

1.Chose right length of top. Long sweaters, knitted elongated jumpers help to highlight your legs and hide intimate parts.


2. You can combine leggings with dress, shorts or skirt.

3. Try on jacket, jumper or cardigan. By the way, if you chose short top, by wearing elongated cardigan you can create proper and stylish outfit.

good idea for leggings

4. Elongated waistcoat helps to complete the look and make it elegant.


5. Leggings look good in combination with parka.


6. Be careful about length of your leggings. It should be until ankle. Short leggings make your legs look wider.

7. If you have wide hips, but want to combine leggings with tunic, choose tunic which is covering the widest part of your body. And don’t forget about accent on the waist!


I love experiments and I love when people try to change something in their outfit… to look different…to be unique… I hope my article helped you to avoid bad experiments,  be beautiful and confident in every outfit!










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  1. You say that you help people to become more self confedent.. Well i think you are a liar. This is stupid. Everyone who have a brain can wear leggings right. And anyone who doesn’t give a fuck about how they look can wear leggings too.
    If you want to help people to become more self confedent and help them to be their selves.. You shouldn’t write something like this

    1. Thank you for sharing your opinion, Hazel! This article was written because one of my customers asked. For her and many other readers it was useful and now they now how to look better.
      Everyone has his own opinion and I would like to know, which articles would be useful for you?

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