Fall-winter 2015: 9 anti-trends

«What is fashionable this fall-winter season? Which trends should I have in my wardrobe?» These questions, for sure, are leading in google search. But when I’m walking on the street I wish girls would ask “what I should get rid of?” That’s why today we will talk about anti-trends of this season.

1. Low waist trousers.

low waist trousers

You still afraid your underwear will be visible for others? So now it’s time to throw your low-waist trousers and buy another middle-waist model. It’s important to choose your size! Don’t try to catch trendy models, choose your cut and size – make your body look wonderful!

2.Shapeless coats.

Pay attention to form-fitting winter clothing, which will highlight your feminine body. Forget about shapeless coats! Keep eyes on details such as wide belt, fur and asymmetrical clasp.

3.Uncomfortable shoes.


You still dreaming about strange shoes with unbelievable heel?  Forget it! It’s not fashionable to wrest your foot!

4. Bekkets.


You still think it’s must-have for your comfy glam wardrobe? If you are not going to look tasteless it’s time to throw it! Want to feel comfortable and look stylish? Buy bright sneakers!

5. Wet hair.


If in summertime this trend could survive, now it’s time to make experiments with braids, volume, light buns and parting on right or left side.

 6. Cat’s nails.


Dreaming about new design on your nails? Stop! This season natural and neat manicure is in trend. Long nails with bright décor are deadly sin!

7. Eyelashes to the sky.


If you addicted to long and thick eyelashes it’s time to change your preferences. Naturalness is in trend and if you can’t live without fake eyelashes, better to choose light silk material with length maximum 2-3 mm more then your own.

8. Oh, sweetie! Did bee bite you?


I have a question like this when I see some girls in shopping malls. Be careful  with “beauty injections”. Plump lips can make beautiful one girl and make ugly another! Be yourself!

9. Breeches, afghani and huge boyfriend’s jeans.


Each time I see these trousers I want to show better models to women to highlight beautiful body. Breeches can perfectly correct your body (because hips line is wider), but you should be careful with cut. Afghani (because of very wide line of cutout and wrong chosen size) can create impression of little baby in diaper. What’s wrong with boyfriend’s jeans? You should be careful with size or you may look messily and make your hips wider and heavier.

Would you like to add more anti-trends to this list? Write down in comments!



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