Blogger Party Ukraine: do you need it?

What do I miss in Istanbul? Cream? Curd? High heels? During the time I’m living abroad, I didn’t have any gastronomic or clothing problem. The only one I miss is real meetings with stylists, image-makers and bloggers.

I was so happy to know that this time in Kiev I will have a chance to visit Blogger Party Ukraine.

Time: June, 3rd 2015

I was a little bit late for meeting, and I was hurrying. The weather was hot and I was dreaming about cold water. How happy was I when i saw cold drinks after I registered! I took my ice-cold lemonade and found a place to sit. That was perfect choice coz there were a  lot of beauty and fashion bloggers.

Bad place for shooting – perfect for talking!

A Lady from Israel ministry of tourism in Ukraine told us about wonderful places we could visit and invited bloggers to take a part in competition to win a promo-tour. Should I change my style blog to travel blog? 🙂

Daria Shapovalova (  and Anna K  ( )  gave recommendations about how to become a digital star.


Just choose the topic, find something special in you (copies are not interesting) and make post everyday. Social media will help you!

Olesya from Liferia called to beauty-bloggers to make more interesting collaborations with brand and not only make simple overviews.

Nikolay from Air  told us how to earn 1 000 000 from YouTube. Is it real? Yes! But you have to choose your niche, find something special and work hard: create new videos, subscribers and analyze results.


Igo Bigdan  (I think we were travelling before in the same plane) made short but great performance. One of advices I liked a lot says: “it’s not enough just to make repost from your blog to social media. Be active in facebook, twitter and everywhere you have accounts! Attract more attention and readers to your blog!


After speakers finished there was banquet where we could freely talk to each other and make new connections. Also there was prize drawing from Aroma espresso bar and Liferia, but I didn’t win anything.

What after? Bloggers daily life continues: everyday posts and attracting attention.


P.S. I met a very nice couple, they have a YouTube channel about traveling in Ukraine and abroad. Check it out!

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